I am Vichai Iamsirithanakorn.
I am Thai but 100% Chinese.
I am Visual Communicator.
I am a Pixel Pusher…. A Fruit Fanatic.
I am a Triple Shot Drinker.
I am a Curious Traveler and a Consumer of Quality.

My interest in design is endless. I thrive on newness, innovation and free thinking. I have an appreciation for most anything design, but my style leans toward purity. I admire designs that are simplistic and focused, that bring order to chaos and that clear a path to a core message.

The scope of my work ranges from branding and website development to expressing corporate brand identity across multiple platforms. I work in print as well as electronic mediums. I have designed web banners, on-site signage and brochures for corporate events in addition to designing widescreen electronic canvases, speaker presentations, animations, websites and video graphics.

I enjoy the challenge of taking complex collections of data and making something visually engaging and I equally enjoy guiding individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations in visualizing a clear identity that fittingly represents their brand.


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